Cheesesteak, Liberty Bell, Brotherly Love and Domination at the Amerikick Internationals

The Amerikick Internationals took place over the weekend in the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Hosted at the Pennsylvani Convention Center, competitors from all over the world joined together to test their skills in Forms, Weapons and Fighting. Produced by Bob Leiker and Marc Russo, the Amerikick Internationals offers more than just standard NASKA divisions to encourage athletes of all backgrounds and interests to the event.

A unique event in its own right, the promoters of the Amerikick Internationals go the extra mile looking for ways to give back in every way possible. As if Cash Prizes and unique trophies weren’t enough the Amerikick Internationals is one of the few events that hosts a Traditional Challenge for both Junior and Adult competitors. This division in the past has hosted some of the best traditional talent in North America and continues to promote the importance of solid foundation and understanding of traditional roots. The Amerikick Internationals also hosts a $2500 Super Fight competition. As if the winning the prize purses for Men’s Teams and Individual competition weren’t enough, the Amerikick Internationals is one of the few tournaments that gives male fighters yet another chance to do what they love to do, FIGHT! This year’s competition again welcomed some of the most talented fighters in North America.

While there are simply a few things anyone who has attended the Amerikick cannot deny there was good food, great venues and simply the highest level of competition in attendance. And with high levels of competition comes the potential for extra-ordinary things. This year’s Amerikick Internationals made a new kind of history, a for a city with so much history surrounding it that’s impressive. Yes, this year’s Amerikick Internationals (#AKI2014) saw domination across the board. See for yourself by taking a look at the overall winners.


13 and Under Weapons: Kieran Tamondong
13 and Under Forms: Kieran Tamondong
14-17 Weapons: Sammy Smith
14-17 Forms: Sammy Smith

Adult Women’s Weapons: Becca Ross
Adult Men’s Weapons: Vincent Scarduzio
Adult Women’s Forms: Becca Ross
Adult Men’s Forms: Michael Guthrie

Women’s Point Fighting: Morgan Plowden
Men’s Point Fighting: Richard Avery Plowden
Men’s Super Fight: Richard Avery Plowden

Team Synchronized Forms: Team Amerikick (Jake and Josh Kahan)
Team Demonstration: Team Infinity
Women’s Team Fighting: Team Impex
Men’s Team Fighting: Team Impex