Nash leaves JPM for Allstars

Chelsey Nash Leaves Paul Mitchell for Allstars

Chelsey Nash leaves the Paul Mitchell team after five years of representing the black and white. This isn’t the first time Paul Mitchell has had some of it’s biggest names choose to move on but certainly one of the biggest in this decade.

Nash who has competed all over the world in NASKA, NBL, WKC, WAKO and in last year’s Sportaccord Combat games had this to say about her decision to join the Allstars. “I love my JPM family. I just have different goals at the moment, and they understand that, and I wish them nothing but the best in the future.”.

Paul Mitchell Fighting coach Damon Gilbert has also commented on the subject matter saying, “There was no bad break up. I love that girl and will continue to be a huge Chelsey Nash fan. Allstars is getting a gem.”

With the loss of Nash the Paul Mitchell fighting squad will open up quite a bit now with a great deal of room for some new faces. Who will be the next to sport the Black and White? Time will tell.

In the meantime a shift of power continues with the Allstars now outfitting some the biggest names in point fighting in North America.