Former Martial Arts Coach Writes Epic Fantasy Tale For All To Enjoy

Everyday we hear of incredible things martial artists are doing both inside and outside of the martial artist. As an artists you can appreciate and see so much more than the blocking, punching, and kicking that comes with our sport. One former martial arts coach was so inspired by what he saw, he published a fantasy tale inspired by the martial arts.

Ken Warner, former coach of Team 100 Percent Performance, recently published his first novel called “Katana Shodan: The Scroll of the Five Masters.” In just it’s first week of sales reviewers are raving about the first book of the series saying it, “is so captivating that you will not want to put the book down”, ” the plot is nail-biting and the conclusion leaves the reader wanting more” and “someone has finally been able to publish a well-written book with a captivating plot about martial arts”. It’s no wonder Martial Artists everywhere are running out to purchase their copy of “Katana Shodan: The Scroll of the Five Masters.”

Speaking from experience, this is certainly one purchase every martial artists will not regret. Want to purchase a copy for your kindle? Visit amazon today and enjoy a Epic Fantasy Tale about the martial arts written by a martial artists and don’t forget to check out their Facebook page.


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