Ross Levine

Date of Birth: 10-9-87
Age: 24
Place of Birth: Queens, NY
Residence: Brooklyn, NY

Style: Taekwondo (3rd Dan Black Belt)
School: Tention’s Championship Karate & Mixed Martial Arts(current)
T.Kang Taekwondo (original)
Instructor: Jadi Tention (current)
Charles Levine, Tae Sun Kang, David Tu, Dennis Buzis, Angel Redondo (original)
Year started Martial Arts: 1994
Year received Black Belt: 2002
Team: Full Circle (formerly Wasuru, CJB)
Sport Karate Coach(es): Mike Conroy
Sport Karate Titles: multiple time NASKA World Champion, WKC World Champion, Gold Medalist at East-West Olympics and WOMAA World Games, NBL Team Fighting Champion
First National Win: AKA Grand Nationals 2005 (Double Warrior Cup Win!)
Toughest Forms/Weapons opponent: Matt Emig
Toughest Fighting Opponent: Trevor Nash/Jack Felton
Sport Karate Career Highlight: Taking Bronze at the WAKO World Championships in 2011, it motivated me to be faster, stronger and smarter for the rest of my competition career and lit a fire in me to win that championship in 2013 (if still competing).
Martial Arts Goal #1: Win a WAKO World Championship and hold a WAKO PRO title belt.
Martial Arts Goal #2: to teach, mentor and guide my students to become the best martial artists and overall best people that they could possibly become.
Non-Martial Arts Goal: Graduate from the DPT program and earn my Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy.
Most Admired Martial Artist: Jadi Tention, Nate Andrade
Most Admired Person(s): my brother, Joshua Levine
Favorite Technique: side kick
Favorite Sport Karate Athletes – sorry for the multiples! I like watching so many =)
Past Kata: David Douglas, Butch Marks, Gary Waugh(weapons)
Present Kata: Matt Emig, Micah Karns, Micayla Johnson(weapons), Mike Welch(traditional bo)
Past Fighting: Pedro Xavier, Brian Ruth, Richard Plowden, Anthony Price
Present Fighting: Jadi Tention, Troy Binns
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Movie: Full Metal Jacket, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs
Favorite Magazine: Men’s Fitness, ESPN Magazine
Favorite Book: The Fighter’s Mind (Sam Sheridan)
Favorite Music: Hip Hop, R&B
Favorite Artist/Group: Everything on satellite radio
Favorite Hobby (other than martial arts): CrossFit, going to the movies

Ross Levine started martial arts in 1994 at the age of 7. Following in the footsteps of his brother Josh, who at the time had already been training for two years in Tae Kwon Do and his father, who was once a kickboxer, Levine began his training and would never look back. Ross’ training gave him a great foundation and he would eventually begin training with weapons. Although more of a traditional weapon, his first experience training with a weapon would come at the age of 10 and with the tonfa. From there Ross would switch back and forth between tonfa and the bo until he was 12 years old and would take the step towards perfecting his skills with one weapon. It was at the age of 14 when Ross would meet his friend, coach and mentor World Champion Nate Andrade.

Aside from the experiences and friends martial arts has helped Ross to come in contact with some truly amazing instructors and inspirations along his way. Aside from his father and brother who he credits as being influences in his career and sources of motivation he also was thankful for some of his earliest instructors, Tae Sun Kang, Dennis Buzis and Angel Redondo, who were important factors in guiding his training and sharing the art with him. But perhaps one his most dear relationships is with his friend and mentor Jadi Tention. At the age of 16 Ross met Tention who has since been a large factor in helping Levine to win 5 Warrior Cup, tying the all time record of most Warrior Cups won with Mike Bernardo, a Diamond Nationals Diamond Ring and countless NASKA and International fighting world titles. Ross said “Without Jadi I would not be the fighter or Martial Artist I am today. He always knows how to make me work harder. I owe him a great deal of thanks and honor for my success.”

Ross Levine is a senior at Brooklyn College, finishing up his degree in Kinesiology (Exercise Science). He plans to attend graduate school to pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. When not training or studying Ross spends his time teaching at Amerikick Karate Studio located in Park Slope, Brooklyn or traveling the world teaching Seminars and Private lessons. Ross has been able to use his understanding of the body to impact his and the training of others in the sport karate world. He said “One of my mottos has always been: I may not be Stronger or faster than you, but I CAN and WILL out smart you. If you can be smarter than your opponent, you can always come out on top.”

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